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From the beginning

Design studio “De Studio” Ltd. is founded in October 2005th as a company with main architectural design, engineering and construction of buildings and facilities. The company’s manager is Eng. Evgeniy Manolov – a graduate engineer-constructor from 2003 with partner arch. Diana Kaloyanova a graduate architect since 2002. Both graduated The University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) with Master’s Degree.

At the beginning De-Studio is a small but progressive company that is rapidly gaining speed in Investment Design sphere, winning the trust with correct and professional attitude, responsibility for the implementation deadlines, competence in design willingness to cooperate in all accompanying design activities until the final implementation of the project.

Over time De-Studio succeeded in forming a team of specialists in all areas of investment projects, with wide range of experience and knowledge in all its stages – from formulation and clarification of investment intentions in the design until the full completion of the works.

The studio has a large potential of design engineers. The team currently consist of eight designers graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in the city Sofia with specialty “Construction of buildings and facilities”, Master’s degree. Since its establishment in 2015 De-Studio has over 300 projects in part Overall, developed collaboratively with external design studios. This includes development of a wide range of buildings and facilities with a total area of 300000 square meters.

The architectural team consists of two architects, it is in constant partnership with other fellow architects.

Team De-Studio constantly increasing their skills in training and courses.

Since 2008 a large volume of projects made by De-Studio are related to funding programs of the European Union. Over the past five years the studio has gained experience in designing of infrastructure and industrial projects in the field of agriculture and light industry. Our partners are very technologists in the field of mechanization of agriculture, livestock, steam boilers, food industry, energy and others.