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33 Kindergarden

Residential building – “P.Volov” str.

Silo facility with storage for PPP and administrative building – Ravno pole

Silo facility with a feed factory and office building – Topoli

Mill – Obnova

Silo with administrative building – Chenodab

Silo facility with a feed mill, seed line and administrative building – Lehchevo

Stock Exchange office building Astana – Kazakhstan

Reconstruction, extension and reorganization of the substation in office building – Logistic center port Beloslav

Multifunctional sports center – Varshets

Addition and extension of single family residential building – Boyana

Residential building and garage – Vladaya

Multifamily residential building – Krastova vada

Residential building – Boyana

Holiday village – Smolyan Lakes

Residential building Bukara str. – Boyana

Residential building kv. Briz – Varna

Residential building Chukar str. – Boyana

Residential building ul.Byal ravnets – Boyana

Multifamily residential building – Banishora