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What do we offer


  • Feasibility studies, consultancy, property viewing, task preparation and cooperation with the sponsor and the participating experts and specialists;
  • Urban research – exploring the possibilities for development under urban parameters, environment and favorable view;
  • Development of the general plan and situation;
  • Conceptual development of the task and solution variations;
  • Preparation of project documentation for technical or detailed design;
  • Preparation of exterior projects – a complete solution and layout of space (park, square, etc.);
  • Exterior and face solutions of existing buildings;
  • Conversion, reconstruction and additional construction of existing buildings;
  • Capture of existing buildings;
  • Interior solutions to existing or newly designed buildings;
  • Projects for corporate signs and advertisements;
  • Motivated proposal.


  • Steel structures;
  • Reinforced concrete monolithic structures;
  • Concrete prefabricated buildings;
  • Wooden structures;
  • Plan and trench strengthening;
  • Manufacturing drawings and details for steel-concrete composite structures;
  • Static and dynamic calculations;
  • Pilot and flat foundation;
  • Light and heavy supporting walls;
  • Upgrading, additional construction and reconstruction of existing buildings;


  • High voltage electrical networks;
  • Low voltage electrical networks;
  • Power panels;
  • Platform electric networks;
  • Exterior and interior lighting;
  • Automation;
  • Intruder alarm systems;
  • Fire alarm systems;
  • Management of fume exhaust systems;

Water Supply and Sewerage

  • Internal water supply networks;
  • Engineering networks;
  • Sprinkler systems;
  • Groundwater networks available to the fire hydrants;
  • Pumping stations;
  • Watering systems;


  • Ventilation systems of buildings and facilities;
  • Heating and air-conditioning systems in buildings and facilities;
  • Boiler systems on solid fuel, diesel, gas or pellets;
  • Chillers and VRV / VRF systems;
  • Smoke extraction;
  • Refrigeration equipment;

Energy Efficiency

  • Heat engineering design of buildings and premises, which require the provision of normal temperature;
  • Report on energy efficiency audits;
  • Energy passport and an energy performance certificate of a building;

Gas Supply

  • Building gas installations;
  • Technological gas installations;
  • Platform networks;


  • Tachymeter image;
  • Landscaping;
  • Balance of landmass;
  • Tracing plan;
  • Тracing;

Landscape Аrchitecture

  • Capturing of existing vegetation and expertise;
  • Composition of alleys and vegetation;
  • Plants planting and decorative flooring;


  • Drilling;
  • Laboratory tests of soil samples;
  • Elaboration of hydrogeological report;
  • Project design for a drilling wells in its own source;


Technological projects in the field of:

  • mechanization of agriculture and livestock;
  • food industry;
  • refrigeration technologies;
  • steam boilers;
  • solar parks;

Plan for Safety and Health

  • General situation plan;
  • Evacuation schemes;
  • Transport schemes;
  • Schemes for concrete constructional work;
  • Installation of structures and facilities;
  • Calendar schedule;
  • Safety measures;
  • Plan for Safety and Health;

Fire Safety

  • Passive and active fire safety measures;
  • Evacuation schemes;
  • Determination of the site by class, subclass and category of functional fire hazard;
  • Site identification and material degree of fire resistance;
  • Determining the distances to neighboring sites;

Management Plan for Construction Waste

  • Categorisation of waste by the level of danger;
  • Measures and activities for the recycling of construction waste;
  • Determination of the quantity and type of construction waste to landfill;

Organization and Movement

  • Projects for roads;
  • Organization of internal roads and parking;
  • Temporary traffic organization during construction;